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I created Cohsevie Counseling for you.

As a practitioner in the mental health field for over 15 years, and in the medical field for 20, I have created this space in honor of every client that has ever sat in my chair. I aim to serve every person with dignity, respect, and gentle humor. No one should ever feel judged, most especially from a medical professional, nor should anyone feel scared to open up about who they are or what they have experienced. I understand this happens in life, but it does not happen here. The relationships that are built within the therapeutic hour inspire the work that continues to shape my life, and this practice.

This space is also in honor of every student who has given me the joy of teaching them. The curiosity you have will forever be my fuel and quite honestly keeps me feeling as young as I apparently look. To that end, I will always provide a reduced rate for active students, no matter how old and no matter what level. 

Cohesive Counselings specific intention is to offer you clinical treatment that follows ethics and sound judgement. We are not bound by blanket corporate policies that may not benefit everyone. We are free from insurance companies who may deny your payment and create additional financial strain where there shouldn't be any. Our policies are straight forward and clear so we can focus on what's most important: Why you are here, and, how we can help.

Lastly, this space is for anyone who has a sense they need support. Whether that is to better understand yourself, or the people around you. Life is so complex, and delicate, isn't it? I aim to help us learn from life. To take what psychological and scientific research has learned, and continues to explore, and apply it in real time. There are so many avenues to explore that self-development becomes an adventure.

Are you ready to take this journey with us?

For You.: Text
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