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How to simplify the complexity of insurance reimbursement.

There are many reasons why professionals are choosing to break away from insurance panels as in-network providers. In short, being out-of-network simply means a provider is not contracted with insurers to provide health services at a negotiated rate. This is not only for the sake of our own sanity, but also for the sake of yours. It is a bold move, but in my mind, a necessary one. Please read here to learn more. 

As of February 17th, 2022, Cohesive Counseling is currently beta-testing a new app called Reimbursify. This app is downloadable on any android or apple device for free on behalf of us. You simply upload the superbills provided by us and the app handles the rest.  You can learn more about this app here. 

As always, please email us should you have any questions. We love questions. 

Speaking of questions! We always coach clients with helpful questions they can ask their insurance provider, helping to ease the uncertainty of what they should ask. You can find those helpful questions, here

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