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“I believe "technique" is facilitative when it emanates from the therapist's unique encounter with the patient. Every course of therapy consists of small and large spontaneously generated responses or techniques that are impossible to program in advance.”
― Irvin D. Yalom

Supervision can either be for therapists looking for mentorship while accumulating the hours necessary prior to taking a clinical licensing exam, or as an on-going way for clinicians to receive external supervision to their private practices. Consultation is also available on an as-needed basis for difficult cases.

I, like Yalom, believe that you are the primary tool in therapy. Building your knowledge and expertise, along with a strong trust within yourself, are among the ways we build competence. We do not need to know everything all at once, but, we do need to know how to navigate the unknown. When we trust ourselves, we thrive.

And so do our clients.

As a clinical supervisor, I strive to help you know when to trust your process as a therapist, and when to self reflect and maybe course correct. It is exciting to witness the hunger for therapists to develop their unique art while also building their repertoire of science, data, and research with which they use to implement within their practice. 

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“Healing is a different type of pain. It’s the pain of becoming aware of the power of one’s strength and weakness, of one’s capacity to love or do damage to oneself and to others, and of how the most challenging person to control in life is ultimately yourself.”

― Caroline Myss

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