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Contact Tricia directly at:

or by calling 804-203-2889.

Choosing the right therapist to match you and your values is important. Our relationship, the therapeutic alliance, is the crux of your experience in therapy.

Since 2004, I have worked within a variety of settings across the country. These have included medical hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, a substance abuse detox unit, higher education as an adjunct faculty member, and community mental health. 

I currently specialize in helping people understand and cope with symptoms related to anxiety, depression, grief and loss, traumatic stress, substance abuse and addiction (your own, or others), various life transitions, co-dependency and boundary setting, to name a few.

I also love helping people identify, and engage in the healing process from, narcissistic abuse. This is a very real, yet very hidden, epidemic.

My philosophy is that there is no "one size fits all" approach. I rely on a variety of therapeutic interventions and my experience over the years has allowed me to do this with confidence. Some of the approaches I most often include are mindfulness, psychodynamic, somatic experiencing, CBT, DBT, and existential approaches. I am also trained to conduct EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which can be very helpful in minimizing the emotional volatility of memories, thoughts, and/or beliefs. 

Psychotherapy, to me, is a cohesive balance of art and science. Scientific research is at the heart of my approach. I am always reading something - an article, a chapter or two from one of the ten books I have going at once, or from something I have already read that I want to become better familiar with. Knowledge excites me, and applied research is the icing on the delicious Shyndigz cake. 

The art is in the relationship we build together. It's in the listening, in the reflecting, and at times finding the humor in things. It is within your trust of me, and in my professional responsibility to you. I take this work very seriously. I take you, very seriously. 

To balance all of this seriousness, I enjoy hiking, yoga and pilates, cooking, finding new music or listening to what is now considered the "oldies", exploring the Richmond food scene, adventuring with my partner, writing, loving on Olive, connecting with my beloved friends all over the country, and, of course, watching The Office. 

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Client-affirming psychotherapy acknowledges you as the expert on your life, experiences, and history. I meet you where you are to discuss what is important to you, and listen with empathy, curiosity and compassion.

Psychodynamic therapy recognizes that your earlier life experiences and relationships have shaped who you are as an individual and in relationships.

Trauma-informed therapy accepts that suffering and trauma affect a person’s functioning, worldview, and ability to feel safe- and that personal growth can start from pain and loss.

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